5 Best Aftermarket Parts For A Mud Race

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When it comes time to enter a mud race, compare insurance, you want your truck to be fully prepared. Here are the five best aftermarket parts for a mud race. Mudding Tires Your truck’s stock tires just are not designed to handle the rigors of a mud race. A quality set of aftermarket mud tires are engineered with the ruggedness that you need. Lift Kit Ground clearance is of the utmost importance when it comes to mud racing. A lift kit will enable your truck to crawl over all the obstacles in its path. Power Programmer The reality is that you want to squeeze every ounce of horsepower and torque out of your engine. A power programmer allows you to fine tune your truck’s computer settings. You can change vital parameters such as the ignition timing an air/fuel ratio. Winch Even the best mud racers on the planet get stuck from time to time. A winch is essential for pulling your truck out of rough situations. You may even need to give a fellow mud racer some help. Grill Guard You never know what you may hit when charging through the mud. A grill guard makes sure that the front of the vehicle is always protected.

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How To Turn Your Pickup Into A Monster Truck

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Have you ever dreamed of owning a monster truck? If so, your fantasy may be closer to reality than you initially thought. Here is how you can turn your ordinary pickup into a monster truck.

Arguably the most important component of a monster truck is the suspension. Due to the fact that monster trucks are usually designed with a 4WD system, both the front and rear differentials need to have the same gear ratios. A simple lift kit will suffice if you are on a budget.

Big, aggressive tires are an (more…)

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Five Accessories That Every Truck Enthusiast Must Have

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If you are a truck enthusiast, then there are certain items that you absolutely need to have installed on your truck. Here are five accessories that every truck enthusiast must have.

Grill Guard
When you take your truck off-road, the front fascia is susceptible to getting scratched and dented when you tumble over bushes and fallen tree limbs. A grill guard makes sure everything remains protected.

Tool Box
You never know when you may need to fix something or help someone else out. Luckily, there are (more…)

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Tips On Lowering The Stance Of Your Truck

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Ready to give your truck that smooth and aggressive look? Chances are you have been ready since the first day you purchased it. However, there are a few things you should do before a single wrench touches your truck.

The Cheapest and Most Important Step

The first thing you want to do is go to the dealership of your brand of truck. Go to the parts and service department and order the hardened steel bolts that hold your shocks or struts to your control arms. They are cheap but an absolute necessity. Those (more…)

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How To Select The Best Off-Road Truck Tires

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If you like to take your truck into the mud or into other non-road conditions, you will obviously need to put different tires on it than you would use if you simply drove it on the highway. Therefore, you might want to look into different tires than the ones that are on your vehicle right now, even if you have a brand new set. However, you could be wondering what you should look for when it comes to off-road truck tires.

There are a few things that you will want to look at and think about when you are searching for off-road truck tires for your vehicle. For instance, you will have to make sure that they are the proper size for your truck, Try Here, and you will probably want to look for tires that are in a certain price range. You will also want to look for tires that are suited to the types of conditions that you will be driving in, such as mud or snow. By taking the time to look for the right off-road truck tires for your vehicle, you can ensure that you stay safe while driving and that you don’t do any unnecessary damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle as well.

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